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Want your business or brand to standout in the crowd?

Get results with a new Video Brochure.

Industry studies have shown that video expedites buying decisions by 72% versus plain print.

What if you could enhance your traditional printed marketing / promotional materials with a video message as well?


Now you can, with a Video Brochure.

Video and accompanying audio plays when the viewer opens the brochure. Each device is capable of holding 15 minutes up to 8 hours of video.

The Video Brochure is a printed piece that encapsulates a micro-thin LCD screen, speakers, and rechargeable lithium batteries. They contain a USB connection that allows for change of video (Drag and Drop) and recharging of the unit.

These devices make a substantial impression and are superb for presentations, training, invites, recruiting, and fundraising. The  marketing, advertising, and brand building applications are endless.


• Video boosts comprehension and retention by 50%

• 75% of consumers prefer video presentations over that of plain printed information

• A direct mail campaign using Video Brochures can produce an astonishing 6-10% response rate compared to a 1-3% response rate for plain printed materials.

• Video tells a story the way you want it, time and time again, engaging your client’s sight, hearing and emotion.

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